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Law on federal and provincial level


General regulation on Access to Documents


The regulation on Access to Documents in Belgium is very fragmented. On the one hand there are regulations on each level federal, regional, provincial and municipal, on the other hand the regulation is integrated in existing laws.

Article 32 of the Constitution (available in Dutch, French and German) defines the the general right.

For more information about several procedures that are effective in Belgium, you can consult the following regulations:

At the federal level, the basis is the law of April 11th 1994 on openness of the administration (html in Dutch and pdf in Dutch and French). Pay attention to the exceptions (available in Dutch).

In Flanders you have the Flemish decree of March 26th 2004 (available in Dutch).

Regulation Access to Documents Walloon region. (available in Dutch)
Regulation Access to Documents French community (available in Dutch)

Regulation http://user.online.be/~fschram/wetlijst15.html ">Access to Documents German-speaking community(available in Dutch)

Regulation Access to Documents metropolitan region of Brussels (available in Dutch)

Regulation Access to Documents French community committee of the Brussels Capital (available in Dutch)

For an overview of all the regulations on“Access to Documents” in Belgium see Frankie Schram’s “Publicity in legal texts”. Frankie Schram is currently visiting professor at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences at the University of Antwerp Research Management and Administration and the Research Group of Public Law, Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the KULeuven Public Management Institute, employee of the Institute for Administrative Law of the KULeuven and Secretary of the Commission for access to government documents.


Access to environmental information

Access to environmental information, federal level (available in French)

Access to environmental information, Wallooon region(available in French)

Access to environmental information, Flemish Community(available in Dutch)

Access to environmental information, Brussels Capital region (available in French)



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