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Wobbing.eu: Freedom of Information for good stories

Wobbing is a verb, it is Dutch journalist’s slang expression for using the Freedom of Information legislation.


Wobbing.eu was founded in 2007 by the Belgian Pascal Decroos Fund FPD. The FPD in 2008 founded the closely related project Journalismfund.eu, that supports investigative journalism projects. 

Brigitte Alfter and Staffan Dahllöf are co-editors of Wobbing.eu

Ides Debruyne is the director of the Pascal Decroos Fund

Download logos of Wobbing.eu and the Pascal Decroos Fund.


Wobbing.eu is run by the Pascal Decroos Fund, a Belgian non-profit organisation (vzw).
Wobbing Europe is supported by the Flemish Government and the Open Society Media Program. Read more about the details of the support on Journalismfund.eu.


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