Staffan Dahllöf


Born 1955 in Sweden, Staffan is a freelance reporter based in Copenhagen, where he reports on Danish issues to Swedish media, and on European affairs to Danish and Swedish media.

Staffan is knowledgeable in Swedish, Danish and European freedom of information acts.

On behalf of the Swedish Journalist’s Union he preapared a number of reports comparing EU and Swedish access to documents. Comparisons showed, how the Swedish administration was far more open, than the EU-institutions. Previous to his reports, the Swedish journalist magazine Journalisten ran a significant case before the European Court (T-174/95). Se Staffan’s reports: ‘Maskerat i Bruxelles – men tillgängligt i Stockholm’ of 2004 and ’Ett öppnare EU?’ of 2002.

Staffan is a member of the Farmsubsidy team.
In 1993 he was co-editor and co-author on "JournalisternasEG-handbok", a guide in Swedish on EC/EU-reporting.

Since 1994 Staffan has been engaged in courses on EU-reporting arranged by The Swedish Institute for Further Education of Journalists (FOJO),and by the European Journalist Center (EJC) in Maastricht. In this respect he has conducted courses about EU and EU-reporting in the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Slovenia, Latvia, Estonia, and for a couple of years, in Turkey. recommends